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Poultry Farming and Processing

Grupo Sada is the country's leading company, specialised in integrated poultry production for the industrial and retail markets (both modern and traditional).

GrupoSada, Nutreco's poultry division in Spain, focuses its activities on the complete management of the entire meat chicken production cycle, from grandparent stock, hatcheries, broiler farms and processing plants, to the distribution and marketing of the final product.

GrupoSada is headquartered in Madrid, and it forms an independent Business Unit. It is made up of 9 production plants, equipped with the latest technology, and its commercial network covers the whole of the Spanish territory.

GrupoSada anticipated the demands of an increasingly discerning market and in 1994 it was one of the first European companies to implement a quality assurance system in all of its processing plants and currently all of them are certified with the BRC by the certifying company SGS. In addition, it was pioneer in the implementation of a management system of Safety and Health, certified by SGS, according to the OHSAS 18001. In 2007, GrupoSada was certified with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard, thus increasing its commitment to the sustainable development of its businesses and in 2011 obtained the ISO 14064 of carbon footprint reduction.

What distinguishes Nutreco's poultry division in Spain is the consolidation of the different stages of the poultry production chain, vertically integrated under a single quality concept. This guarantees a uniformfinal product, while also ensuring the traceability of the products made available to consumers, from feed to food. Thus, in each product unit or tray commercialized by GrupoSada, a traceability bar code can be seen in its label. This traceability is guaranteed by Nutreco's exclusive system, Nutrace®.

In order to proceed further with its growth and leadership line, GrupoSada collaborates closely with the FRC, Nutreco's Food R&D centre, located in one of Sada's facilities, in Lominchar (Toledo), where new poultry based products are designed, with a view to satisfying the current consumer's nutrition needs. GrupoSada also collaborates with Nutreco's Poultry Research Centre (PRC), located in Toledo, where projects are carried out to improve productivity and the quality of final products through broilers feed.

GrupoSada's strategic goal is to meet end-client needs in through the creation and development of leading brands in the market, such as CUK, providing the consumer with a new concept of poultry meat, with the guarantee of the certifying company SGS.

In addition to its traditional retail oriented market, where fresh products and Frichef processed products are focused, GrupoSada maintains a clear developing line towards restaurants and community groups, providing specific and professional solutions for this market segment, through its trademark "Food Service de Sada".

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