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Fish feed

Fish is the world’s most consumed meat, over and above pork and chicken. The run out of fishing-grounds and the growing fish demand due to the increase of world population, lead to aquaculture intensification in the near future.

Nutreco, a leading company in this sector, is represented worldwide in the fish nutrition business through its SKRETTING companies.

Skretting España is Nutreco España's youngest company. Founded in 1986 to supply feed for aquaculture in the Iberian Peninsula, within three years it had become the market leader.

Skretting España, S.A. trades under the name SKRETTING and is part of Nutreco ‘s Trout & Marine Species Business Group,  the fish –other than salmon- feed production sector.

As part of Nutreco, and with the resulting access to its R+D centres, the company enjoys a privileged position with regard to its competitors.

Its headquarters and factory are located in Cojobar (Burgos), where it has a state-of-the-art plant with an annual production capacity of 75,000 tons of fish feed. Its technology enables extraordinary flexibility and a strict control in the production process, thus guaranteeing the final quality of its products.

SKRETTING was the first company in the Iberian Peninsula to produce and sell innovative products such as feeds made by heat-extrusion, dry feed for turbots and feed for salmonids containing 35% fat. Currently, feeds are also being produced for 19 different species, both of fresh and salt water, in particular, gilthead bream, sea bass and trout. Potential species for a near future include flat fish, bream and cod.

Today SKRETTING is the unarguable leader in the national market, and it owes this success to the innovation of its products and its insistence on quality at all stages of the food chain.

It also has computerised supports to help fish farmers control their production efficiently and an after-sales services to advise clients on issues of production and health. SKRETTING customers are supported by a competent technical team in essential areas, such as the proper management of fish feed in farms at open sea, hygiene risk prevention in fish farms, and the obtaining of a quality and very healthy fish for the consumer.

Its research activities are centralised in Skretting’s ARC, Aquaculture R&D Centre in Stavanger (Norway), where it concentrates its work in the areas of nutrition (salmonids and marine species), health and technological development.

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